Small Parcel Audit

Data Driven Parcel Audit and Spend Optimization

Your cost recovery audit with ConData is powered by the most advanced audit technology platform in the industry with the largest invoice database

  • Recover 100% of Billing and Rate errors by auditing every invoice
  • Increase cost visibility and quantify actionable soft-cost savings
  • Support your strategic sourcing negotiations with detailed BI Tools and Analytics

Working with Us = No Work for Your Team

Step 1

Provide Invoices and Agreements

Provide us with access and start recouping logistics and transportation overcharges

Step 2

Discover Overcharges

Identify refund opportunities via our multi-point audit process, recovering all overcharges for immediate reimbursement on your behalf

Step 3

Save and Recover

We manage the ongoing refund request activity to ensure you obtain carrier credits due to you and that repeated errors are corrected

Transportation Spend Management Services

We combine, cleanse, and normalize your complex shipping data to produce actionable insights and leverage our enormous database to create a comprehensive plan for reducing your negotiated shipping rates.  Moving you from Good to Best in Class!

Our powerful Business Intelligence and Tableau-based Analytics creates custom, detailed reports and is available for all ConData Customers


ConData can customize reports using claims and invoice data for improved vision and spend optimization via cost avoidance and actionable contract rate insights


Customers have easy access to parcel spend analytics with drill-down capability and can generate automated reports, customize views, and measure cost drivers across any desired time frame

Learn how much you could be saving.

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